Doc’s Ski Haus: The Godfather of So-Cal ski shops

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 8, 2010 12:52 pm

Journalistic disclosure:  I have been a Doc’s fan for decades.  The spot has soul.  The folks at Doc’s won’t shout your name when entering the door, but it does feel like everybody knows your name.  The place is a So-Cal institution, first opening its Santa Monica doors in 1958.  After 51 years in the same spot, owners David and Lenny summoned their inner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and turned the place out!

LA’s home team has some very nice new digs, a modern stadium if you will, and not a single dime of public funds was used!  They’ve also updated and gone online.  Big time

Doc’s, the old dog is bustin’ new tricks, and there’s tons of extra parking to check it out.   Step inside, feel the soul of winter sports and meet the guys who live it.

[page]The new house is BIG.  An expansion of the physical has spilled into the psychological.  It’s a ski and snowboard haus now.  Snowboards are not simply part of the mix, but have received a co-starring role. 

Regardless of your flying-down-a-mountain preference, you’ll have more than 35 brands covering nearly every letter of the alphabet from which to choose. 

No need to feel overwhelmed by all the choices, because the dudes who work the shop live it and know it.  What’s your next board, ski, boot?  The doctors of snow know.




Big spot, infinite choices, and a dog!   Della, the kindest most gentle chocolate lab, is there to give you extra love during your perusing journey.  Della was kind enough to pose next to these uber-limited Shane McConkey tribute skis, the exact pair that The Ski Channel is giving away.  Unfortunately, if you read the fine print for the contest, dogs are not eligible to win.  Don’t tell Della.


Guarantees, in the plural.  Doc’s have guarantees falling out of their pockets.  There’s a price-match guarantee, pre or post purchase.  Find a cheaper price at another store, they’ll match or beat it.  Find a cheaper price a week after walkin’ out of Doc’s, and the messiahs of the guarantee will refund the difference.  Buyer’s remorse?  Nope, buyers rejoice!

There’s also a performance guarantee.  Take your new skis or board for a test spin, and if you’re not feeling it, take it back.  Full refund action!  Try that with a new car and its 20% loss of value after driving off the lot.

976-4-Doc.  Well, that’s not the number, and we can’t give it here, but Doc has a super secret helpline.  The magic digits are given to all customers as part of the purchasing deal.  Because questions arise at on-mountain times, Docs gives you a phone number to call with your questions or concerns.  New technology can sometimes complicate, like your grandparents attempts at operating a VCR.  With the on-mountain helpline, knowledge dispensation is a phone call away.


The old guy is gone.  Part of the Doc’s massive overhaul meant the retirement of the cranky (in a charming way) ski tech.  You knew him, you loved him, but you knew it was time.  Ski technology has taken a quantum leap, and the university of ski tech is graduating a new breed of repair masters.  Bases are now ground in particular patterns for the snow conditions in your area.  This is not your father’s tuning techniques. 

Graduating from the top of his class, Jeff Oborn has skills for days.   Get your gear in top shape.  Top.  Shape.  Doc’s has your tune up prescription.

The old school has gone new school.  There’s still the history and the free laughs courtesy of the staff.  But, now there’s more guarantees than a pre-nup, a bigger location with endless selections, and more parking than you’ll need.  Go, take up two spots, check the scene at Doc’s, and give Della some love.





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