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Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 11, 2010 12:41 pm

Like,, and e, ski and snowboard gear websites are making gear available, cheap, and just plain fun to shop for. With this new mobility in gear shopping it seems we are always rat racing for the best deal on the newest gear. The ski and snowboard world is all about your gear and if you don’t have it your entire riding reputation is at stake.

I recently 

joined this online rate race about four years ago when the USC ski/snowboard team introduced me to the benefits of $30 ski pants and $20 shell jackets. We literally would text each other when we saw something on that someone had to have within the twenty minute time limit to buy. And this is exactly how I stumbled upon the newest and most innovative of the online frenzied bunch,

With timed sales events and liquidation prices, CEO David Fink has created a member only online gear outlet with some of the biggest brands. When I sat down with him he threw out names like Mervin, Oakley, Holden, and Arbor (probably in confidence, wink) making it just a matter of time before you find all the gear you could ever need, plus accessories. As Dave describes it, “Shopping is supposed to be fun.  Especially for gear-heads and streetwear fashionistas.  Nothing feels better than discovering a new favorite brand or getting that first run on your new board or skis.  Our site allows members to check out a different brand every day.” Did  I mention the membership is free?

The membership system is used to estimate buyers and position inventory accordingly. It also allows for a system that gives perks! According to Dave, “the action sports community is a passionate and tight group of people.  We want to grow organically throughout the Snow, Skate and Surf community and have built in member perks to take care of those loyal to shopping Epic Access.  Rather than investing in huge ad campaigns that are more puffery than anything else we are using the majority of our marketing budget to reward our members for getting the word out.  Members can earn cash to spend on clothing and gear just by telling their friends.  People will literally earn hundreds of dollars in free gear just for inviting their friends to join.  We’ll also be giving away a ton of free stuff in give-aways and contests just as a way to make the shopping experience as fun as possible.  But you must be a member to access the benefits” in order to make sure Dave is hooking up the right cats!

As of now, the site has over 10,000 members and will open it’s first sales event next week. And until then the site will remain open to new members who wish to sign up (closing once the sale begins). Okay, I know it sounds strange but it is a killer new idea in action sports retailing. I have had many a pleasure to meet

Dave and his passion for hooking people up to ride is uncanny. He really is in it to make sure that those who love to ride will get to do it…with the newest and best gear on the market.

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Article by Jenna Hannon

Photo submitted by spokesmodel and member and snowboarder Laura Jackson