This Year’s craft ‘The Arbor Draft’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 25, 2010 12:12 pm

If this is the Draft, I can’t even imagine what the final product is. I spoke to Arbor rider Pat Milbery about this board last month and got the complete low down. According to Pat, “with their [Arbor] resources and the quality of the snowboards and the foundation they are built on” there is no doubt they were able to build such an amazing new board this season.

The Arbor Draft is special. It has everything you expect in a snowboard and more. Let’s start with the reverse camber rocker. This is a technology best tag lined by Mervin as Banana Tech, meaning that the board is literally shaped like a banana when you look at it from the side. This camber allows you some forgiveness on edge-to-edge transfer and is great for park riding and jibbing.



Next up you have the Grip Tech. This technology is also similar to Mervin boards in that it allows for more points of contact on the sidewall. On the Draft there are two points of contact on either side, which is unique to them. With Mervin, Arbor is the only other company that utilizes this technology at the moment.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Draft, is the core. Arbor takes pride in building natural cores built from 100% grade A poplar for reliable energy and lasting durability. The core of the Draft is referred to as Arbor’s Medicine Core, which is the all-mountain core. According to Pat, Arbor has “found a niche market” with their materials. “They present a whole different depth” to snowboard manufacturing, especially with this new board in their line up.

For Pat, riding for Arbor is “not joining the cool club, but that is kinda cool! We are kind of creating a new way” or perspective in snowboarding. The way a board is built has become more important and branding alone is no longer the sole factor. Although, Arbor does take into account “the whole artist community” within their brand.

In conclusion, create company, great board, and a great rider to show us how it’s done on this year’s “the Draft.”