The glory of K2 Snowboards: This season’s line up outlined by their rider Aaron Robinson

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 10:29 am

I checked in with K2 rider, Aaron Robinson to get the full encyclopedia of this season’s K2 board line-up. In the true words of an expert, here is what Aaron had to say:

“This year’s K2 line holds a board for any and every type of snowboarder, from the jib-monkey to the park-swan (rat is so negative) to the backcountry powder destroyer. Their innovative ‘Rocker tm’ Technology continues to prove itself as a much better alternative to traditional camber, with a number of boards with three different levels of rocker. The NEW ‘Flatline Technology tm’ is now the new answer to all around riding, icy crud to blower pow!


Our boy Aaron Robinson riding the back country pow in Whitefish, Montana

You can pretty much conquer every type of riding/snow with any of this year’s boards, but depending on your preference and skill level, here are a few that fit certain types of riding.

 “The Turbo Dream”, my [Aaron Robinson] all time favorite board, has the perfect combination of stiffness/softness for all freeriding. It’s made with the “All Terrain Rocker” and built with ‘Hybritech’ Construction. The top sheet [graphic] is stellar, including a Harley, a yoga woman in dancer’s pose and of course a dream catcher. Did I mention that the base pops like none other!! This board is the epitomy of Freeriding. And also available in wide. [The Turbo Dream] is ridden by the high and mighty Wille-Yli-Louma and Legend, Robbie Walker. Comes in 153, 156, 159, 161.

 “The Slayblade” is the Board for all-terrain freestlye. Built with Flatline technology and Hybritech Contsruction… and with high awards in both Transworld’s “Good Wood” and Snowboardser’s “Best of Test” this is the ultimate board for freestyle/freeride. Eero Niemela uses this as his go-to backcountry jump assault rifle!! Comes in 153, 156, 158, 161, 164.

 “The World Wide Weapon” (with Rocker) is the perfect Jib Board! By adding JIB Rocker to this already Jib-tastic board K2 has blown the sweet spot wide open! The JIB Rocker performs on all sliding surfaces, whether you’re pressing boxes, stepping up to street rails or just buttering across the flats. Ridden by the likes of Nick Dirks. 145, 148, 152, 155.

 “The Believer” is the upgraded version of the overall men’s winner of Transworld’s “Good Wood” Test.  Flatline Technology was added this year to make the board the ultimate freestlye/freeride jump stomper/jump builder. Perfected through the shredding of Louie Fountain and the rest of the K2 pro team. Comes in 151, 154, 157, 159, 161.

 “The Gyrator”, built with ‘Powder Rocker’ is the Ultimate powder board. “Never a Day Too Deep” is a perfect slogan for this all-terrain powder destroyer. This year it’s built with a stiffer nose and tail for increased pop and stability. Comes in 158, 162, 168.”

There you have it folks. Your information straight from the source. The rest is now up to you so shred on!