The Ski Channel Gear Review: POW High 5 Gloves

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 2, 2010 12:57 pm


POW Gloves was started 7 years ago in Seattle, Washington and has quickly secured its place in the snow sports industry.  POW is a company fully dedicated to gloves.  They do make soft goods including some rather stylish hoodies, but the core of the company lies in making products to keep our hands warm, dry, and comfortable.  As well as gloves intended for snow sports POW is also involved in the manufacturing of gloves for biking and golf.  What this means for the consumer is that you can really trust these guys to know their way around your hands.

We here at The Ski Channel recently had an opportunity to test a pair of POW’s “High 5″ gloves from the 09-10 season.  The High 5 is a park glove, which means it is lighter and thinner than traditional ski gloves.  What you sacrifice in the warmth department is more than made up for in comfort (and actually being able to grab your zippers). 

We loved the styling of the High 5, and the color choices (anti-freeze, anyone?).  The palm is emblazoned with a logo that will make it literally impossible not to howl and slap some skin with everybody in the area every time you stomp a trick.  The comfort level is high in these gloves as well, with a snug fit.

Where these gloves really shine though is how warm they manage to stay despite being thin and comfortable.  Even during an epic powder day at Mammoth Mountain, the kind of day you normally break out the mittens for, these gloves keep your hands surprisingly toasty.  This comes as great news because I think many of us can relate to the feeling of woefully regretting the choice to wear park gloves on a particularly frigid day. 

These gloves are about as durable as park gloves get and should get you through the season no matter how crazy you get with the hand drags.  However, with the progressively more radical colorways POW puts out every season, you might find yourself buying a new pair anyway. 

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