Gear Review: U-Wax waxing tool

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 15, 2010 12:15 pm

Let’s be honest, you are lazy.  Your skis don’t always get stored properly after a long day of shredding and they have the rusty edges to prove it.  You don’t always fill up those base gouges, and your skis probably haven’t been sharpened in a very long time.  Worse still, you don’t always wax.  You know that regularly waxing your skis not only provides more speed and a smoother ride, but will also help keep your bases in top shape.  But you don’t want to bring an iron on your trip, spill wax all over, probably burn yourself, etc.  So maybe you wait to get home before waxing your skis and they take that little hit.

Well not anymore, because someone has finally created a product with the lazy man in mind.  Enter the U-Wax.  We took it to Mammoth Mountain to try it out in a cheap Bishop motel room.


The U-Wax is an all-in-one waxing tool.  It fits easily in your pocket and has a handy cap so you won’t get wax everywhere.  The U-Wax is also “completely green”, made from recyclable materials and eco-friendly cork.  This fact definitely gives them some bonus points.  The preferred method is to rub on the wax.  When you buff it out with cork instead of the brush you are used to in hox waxing, the friction creates heat and melts the wax into the bases.  Obviously you are still going to want to hot wax your skis, but rub on wax can be used in between hot waxes to keep your speed up and your bases fresh.  As a skier who admittedly doesn’t hot wax enough himself, this is a cool little product.  Just a quick, no hassle, 5 minute wax job and I don’t have to feel so guilty about my poor bases.  It also costs only $17 which is pretty cheap, and they make a larger model for boards and fat skis, and a smaller model for telemark.  U-Wax reckons you’ll get about 80 waxes out of what is provided.  One of the other great things about this product is that when you run out of wax you can use the cap to form some more wax on to the end.  So once you buy it you can just get whatever bulk wax you prefer and use it as long as you want.  And of course there is nothing stopping you from using it to hot wax, except you’ll only get a few waxes out of it before you have to form more wax on to the end.  Plus it comes in cool colors.

Literally anyone can use the U-Wax, even if you have never done a hot wax before you will find it incredibly easy:

Step 1: Clean bases with cloth, then rub on that wax!


Step 2: Buff it out, melt it in


Step 3: Scrape, then buff again for a smooth finish.  Tell the motel owner the wax was on 

the floor when you got there

Personally I can see myself using this product a lot.  I’ll still get my weekly hot wax in, but this is a useful tool to use every day you ski.  I know it’ll be in my bag for upcoming trips, because I never bother to bring an iron.  Its kind of neat, and very simple, and recycled.  I like it.  Thank you U-Wax, for making a product with the average, lazy person in mind.

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