New MissDirected by K2 is the Fatest Womens Powder Ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 11, 2011 10:28 am

K2 women’s MISSDIRECTED joins the fleet of K2’s women twin-tip skis.  This anticipated powder twin-tip is now the fattest women’s powder ski on the market.  Previously the Line Pandora (a personal favorite) took first prize with a waist width of 115mm, but is now runner up to this new fatty powder ski whose waist width is a nice 117 mm.


The K2 collection of twin-tip skis for women includes the MissDemeanor, the MissBehaved, the MissConduct and now the MissDirected.  The MissBehaved formerly acted as K2’s women’s powder ski, although it was labeled an all mountain ski it was really fun in deep powder turns and provided enough width to land jumps off of fun little cliffs.  Yet this new MissDirected is sure to make a name for its self this year as there is already a lot of expectation riding on it.  Last year all of the ski shops knew that this ski would take over, and I was personally told multiple times not to buy any new powder skis and wait for this new ski. 


Now that you have read some hype on this ski what does K2 have to say?


The all-new MissDirected has the widest platform of any women’s ski, enabling girls who crave deep powder to get the goods. The Powder Rocker will keep your tips up no matter how deep the stash, and the ski’s “surfy” feel will be unmatched. The MissDirected has enough girth and stability at 117mm underfoot to shred technical big mountain lines, while retaining the ability to hold an edge on resort trails. With a lightweight and bombproof construction, the MissDirected will take your powder skiing in a whole new direction.


Performance: Powder: 80%, Park: 20%

Sizes: 159, 169

Radius: 17m @ 159 / Directional Taper

Construction: TwinTech Sidewall – Triaxial Braided Bioflex 3

Binding Options: Flat

Features: Progressive Sidecut, Powder Tip, Tip/Tail Holes/Rivets, Pre-Cut Skins Available


Finding a good women’s powder ski is hard, especially if you are picky like me.  But this new ski has got me seriously pumped about this new ski season.  The MissDirected will be first on my demo list when there is a powder day.  The width is unbelievable, and I can only begin to imagine how much easier it will be to float down the steeps doing S turns and fun little cliff jumps.  


The new K2 website will be launching this August, so keep check back there for information.  Read our  previous article on the new K2 line for more infomation on thier other skis.  And if you get a chance to ride the MissDirected please post a review and let us all know how this new mysterious ski rides the pow.