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Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 14, 2014 4:00 pm

There is as much information about benefits of smoking as about the dangers of smoking. Despite the fact that many skeptics deny the benefit of smoking, saying that cigarettes and nicotine only harms the body, it was proved that the benefits of tobacco is obvious.


But only such tobacco is useful, which is consumed in small amounts, when smoking is not a habit and in case when only purest tobacco is used. Tobacco without additives and carcinogens is the best one, which is used in cigarettes like for example Viceroy, Parliament or Davidoff. Only pure cigarettes with no additives can be useful for the body, and the price is no important here. Very often, cheap cigarettes (of no-premium class), such as Belomorkanal, Prima, Astra or Doina contain the purest tobacco. Heavy and cheap cigarettes may not have a loud brand name, yet are made of pure tobacco, which is useful on its own.

Of course, there is a huge harm for the body along with benefit, since nicotine solves one problem and provokes the other one, and this is the worst point. But according to different scientific data, people are recommended to smoke in small quantities and only when it is necessary.

But most people simply can’t believe that cigarettes (especially the strong ones) may be useful for the body. Many are mistaken, thinking that strong cigarettes are more harmful. But the harm of cigarettes is caused not by tobacco or the cigarette heaviness, but by different impurities, mixed with tobacco. Therefore, if strong cigarettes are made of pure tobacco and contain minimum of foreign substances, then you can safely smoke such cigarettes, hoping that they may help you too.

Here opinions differ, because smoking causes addiction, and such heavy cigarettes like Belomorkanal, Davidoff or Prima contain lots of tobacco, meaning become more addictive.

Despite this fact, it was shown that use of tobacco reduces the blood pressure. For example, it helps many women during pregnancy (at the risk of eclampsia), although the fact of smoking during pregnancy is perplexing.

It was also shown that nicotine when penetrating into the brain, acts on the nicotine receptors, which significantly reduce appetite and relax the senses. Stress relief and calmness comes not because of nicotine action on the body, but because of smoking process. It was proved that each person calms himself on a subconscious level, and tobacco has nothing to do with it.

Smoking normalizes the activity of intestines and everybody knows that if you smoke during diarrhea, then you will be fine very soon.

Another fact was found: the nicotine was completely effective in determining allergy in patient. Perhaps, thanks to nicotine or using meds based on nicotine, medicine will start a new era in fighting with allergic diseases.

Well, the best-known fact – it is effects of nicotine on the hormones. No, cigarettes do not violate the hormonal background; on contrary they rather help to oncologists and gynecologists to use them in good medical purposes.

All these factors may be doubtful, but the thing that they were found and clinically approved says a lot. We’d like to note once again that if you want to smoke usefully, you should choose only qualitative cigarettes with pure tobacco (e.g. Belomorkanal, Astra, Monte Carlo, Parliament, Doina, etc.). In spite of big heaviness of these cigarettes, we may surely say that they are most useful and helpful.

The most important thing is that these cigarettes are sold everywhere and you can buy them at any store. You can buy Monte Carlo, Doina, Belomorkanal and Parliament at online cigarette stores too. And if you want to get pure cigarettes with no additives, you can use the online support of the online cigarette store and ask a consultant to help you in choosing of cigarettes.

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