The Winged-B Skydive Stunt: Ted Davenport and Bentley Drop in on Aspen Fashion Week

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 19, 2012 5:06 pm

When it comes to traveling at high rates of speed, having equipment you can count on is an absolute must. Not only must it stand up to the task at hand, but it must be able to accommodate the unknown and everything in between. Nobody knows this better than Ted Davenport. The professional skiing, sky-diving, base jumping, wing suit flying extraordinaire has built his career upon taking leaps of faith with no one to depend on other than himself and his gear. The Dav knows that having top of the line tools is an absolute necessity when pushing the boundaries of human flight. That’s why he teamed up with Bentley Motors during Aspen Fashion week to meld skydiving and their new line-up of high-performance driving machines.

The “Winged-B” Sky-Dive Stunt launched the weeklong celebration of high-performance luxury and functional fashion at the Annual Aspen Fashion Week. Bentley Motors headlined the gathering’s sponsorship bill and pulled out all the stops to make its presence known. As the fashionistas and snow sports enthusiasts gathered around the runway located on the ground, Ted Davenport soared high overhead, preparing to launch himself from an altitude of 3,000 feet. Once in position, Ted shouted his signature “SEE YA!” and leapt from his aircraft, gliding full speed through bluebird Aspen skies.


While the crowds on the ground pointed their gazes skyward, Ted deployed his Bentley-branded parachute over the runway, landing in the nearby Wagner Park. Ted was greeted by Bentley’s 631-hp Supersports Convertible ISR, which just so happened to be taking some turns in the powder-covered park. This monster of a driving machine is capable of shredding the terrain in an extreme manner. In February 2011, Juha Kankkunen, the motorsport legend from Finland broke the ice speed record on the frozen Baltic Sea, reaching a top speed of 205.48 mph! After being chauffeured out of the landing area in luxurious cabin with hand-crafted leather, book-matched wood veneers, knurled stainless steel and heated seats Ted joined Bentley Motors Inc’s president & COO, Christophe Georges to take a celebratory bow on the runway of Aspen Fashion Week. 

“Bentley is known for pushing the limits of luxury and performance, so extreme athlete, Ted Davenport, was a fitting partner for presenting our sponsorship of Aspen Fashion Week,” said Georges.


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