Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 18, 2012 5:19 pm

Hey everyone, it's Halley O'Brien and this is the 4th installment of our southern cross-country drive. (I must be a glutton for punishment. Driving across the country. Through the south. In the summer. Is it winter yet?)

Last I saw you, we were getting cajun in New Orleans. This week is all about the Lone Star State – specifically, the swanky city of Austin.

Austin is a very cool city. And when I say cool, I mean it’s got a good vibe. The weather (at least this time of year) was scorching hot and extremely humid. We kept our minds off the heat by indulging in some delicious “Tex-Mex,” brick oven pizza, more cheesecake sans alligator, and all of the


If you’re in the Austin area and enjoy live music and bar hopping, be sure to head to 6th street. And if you’re sporting an awesome ‘stache, check out Handlebar. You’ll fit right in.

Highlight of our two-day stint? The comedic musical duo, OJ and Caleb who play every weekend at Niche, a bar in downtown Austin. These two guys were not only extremely musically inclined – they were HILARIOUS. We almost stayed another night in Austin just to see them again.

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