Gear Heads: Obermeyer Outerwear 2012/2013 Line – Sneak Peak!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 30, 2012 3:46 pm

Obermeyer features new fashion designs that sport for more sexier skier. The women’s line in particular has made some attractive changes. Accented with articulated sleeve cuffs, these sleeker, thinner tops for women allow for the curves to show as they hit the snow. Obermeyer never puts functionality aside of style, and has incorporated both by adding a zip-away powder skirt in the inside lining as well their signature google cloth, a staple for every Obermeyer jacket. Also new to the Obermeyer women’s line is their very sexy animal prints, such as the Cat Scratch print featured below. 

The men’s fashion line is taking major strides with their fashionable, funcitonable new trends. “We always try to get better year after year, and that’s what we’ve done this year,” says men’s product specialist Ryan. “We’ve taken some huge strides with our technical story.” The high end Prime Line Obermeyer line for men is now lined in baselayer, increasing the surface area up to 800 percent to keep snow-goers dry and warm.

The kids line highlights fun and fascinating designs and patterns, including some interesting features. Every kids jacket comes with amazing Discoverables, including a wishing globe on girls jackets, mood zippers, and compasses on all the jackets. Another amazing feature is Obermeyer’s iGrow system, which allows the jacket to grow with the child.