Germination: Episode 5 – Whitefish’s Finest

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 29, 2012 3:26 pm

Whitefish’s Finest — Cat Skiing Montana with Great Northern Powder Guides

Description of Episode:

Cat skiing in Montana with Great Northern Powder Guides was a highlight of our season. Deep snow and Montana hospitality made this a trip to remember. Our nights were spent in a backcountry yurt and our days were filled with powder, smiles, and high fives. Highlights of the trip included steep tree skiing, bottomless powder, and utilizing the snowcat as a booter building machine.

A visit to Whitefish is not complete without a taste of the finest powder skiing in Montana. Join us as we go cat skiing with Whitefish’s finest — Great Northern Powder Guides.

• Alex Blais
• Bryan DePauw
• Danny Arnold
• Jon Whelan
• Ryan Lanham
• Harley Crabbe

• Great Northern Powder Guides Cat Skiing, Whitefish, Montana

Filmed and Edited By:
• Judd VanMelle of Mitten Media

About Epic Planks:
Epic Planks is a handmade ski and snowboard company committed to creating innovative products while taking customer feedback to heart in order to progress the product line in a positive direction. Epic Planks has established partnerships with park skiers, cat skiing, and heli skiing guides worldwide. These partnerships have resulted in a solid lineup of rider designed handmade park skis, powder skis, all mountain skis, park snowboards, and all mountain snowboards.

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About Great Northern Powder Guides:

At Great Northern Powder Guides we create extraordinary Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding experiences by combining unique terrain, experienced guides, Backcountry Powder, and first class accommodations. With these elements in play we guarantee an unforgettable cat skiing adventure in Whitefish Montana.
Great Northern Powder Guides is the only premier cat ski company in Northwest Montana. We can make it possible for you to experience Montana’s finest backcountry powder.

A lifetime of experience, personal interests and current opportunity were the driving forces behind the creation of Great Northern Powder Guides. It is our intent to bring a professional high level backcountry skiing experience to Montana, specifically the Northern Region of the Stillwater State Forest. By providing a premier cat skiing company to the public, we at Great Northern Powder Guides are promoting and supporting the current and future growth of recreational interests and needs in the state.

Great Northern Powder Guides is the only licensed cat skiing company in the State of Montana.

About Mitten Media

We started out making edits with our friends and realized that we have a lot of young and extremely talented skiers so we figured they needed to be documented more.
We focus on getting exposure for our riders and through that get exposure for our company. We feel that Michigan alone has a ton of potential as it continues to grow with talent. Next year we will have more riders, filmers, and a much better feel on what the community wants from us.

About Germination:
Germination is a new web video series documenting the growth and progress of a young ski and snowboard company. The seed of Epic Planks was planted in 2009, follow along as this seed grows…..