Moguls: Interview with Olympic Champion Skier Lindsey Vonn (4 of 5)

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2012 9:03 pm

The Ski Channel is back for Part 4 of Moguls, the featured interview with recent ESPY’s nominee  and two time previous Female Athlete of the Year Lindsey Vonn. So far in Moguls Lindsey has graciously shared with us past experiences from her childhood and her upbringing in her dominant skiing career.

In this edition of Moguls, Lindsey shares with us what it is like be a top tier athlete and the pressure that comes with being the face of women’s skiing. As perks that come with her popularity, Vonn recounts having the opportunity to be on the Conan show, meeting Alec Baldwin, and other encounters that she so modestly shares.

This clip of the interview also shows Lindsey behind the scenes, ranging from filming commercials to signing autographs for her beloved fans. Lindsey talks one of her favorite athletes, Roger Federer, and is a good sport in answering some “Federer Trivia”.

Be sure to stay tuned for the last installment of Moguls with the well rounded Vonn, coming soon!


Credit to Red Bull for the Cover Photo.