Winter Sessions: Bode & Chelone Miller Part One

Posted By: Emily Bates on October 28, 2013 10:17 am

“I refuse to let skiing get lumped into that category of things I do because I have to.” – Bode Miller

The Ski Channel presents a series dedicated to Bode and Chelone Miller, two incredibly inspiring and talented athletes that have pushed the sports of skiing and snowboarding. Get to know these brothers’ stories, starting from the day they first put skis on. In episode one, Bode describes his career as a professional skier, his dedication to the advancement of equipment and maintaining his true passion for the sport. Chelone tells us about his love for snowboarding after switching from skis, and his recurring desire to get more air.

Our team is proud to present an intimate look at the relationship between one of the most successful American skiers, Bode Miller, and his snowboarding younger brother, the late Chelone Miller. The Ski Channel was lucky enough to spend some time with Chelone before his tragic accident, getting to know his sweet and sensitive personality. We edited this piece before Chelone passed, and decided to keep it as is, focusing on the brother’s bond. It is with great applause that we celebrate the lives of these two athletes and their accomplishments.

*Chelone Miller was an athlete, brother, son and friend that will be forever missed. Our respect goes out to the Miller family, with hopes to honor Chelone’s life as best we can.

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