Trailer: Poor Boyz Presents WE: A Collection of Individuals

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 25, 2012 5:55 pm

Today, Red Bull Media House in association with Poor Boyz Productions released the official trailer for WE: A Collection of Individuals. WE is a compelling story surrounding the life and times of the modern day skier. It has long been thought that skiing was an individual sport, however the story of WE proves that this idea is nothing more than a fallacy. Skiing is an art, a collaborative effort that takes the energy of many. Even though skiing encompasses many different venues and styles, the core remains within the crew of individuals that help scout, build, transport, struggle and keep each other safe. WE follows a season as a group of the most influential skiers travel the world in search of epic powder lines, tackling the streets, and creative park features.

“After 18 years of making ski movies, I’m claiming this is the best film to date. It was just an amazing year for us,” Producer and Poor Boyz Productions Owner and Producer Johnny DeCesare said. “Traveling with your best frie

nds, skiing sick pow, and making movies is what our crew is dedicated to and this film shows every amazing moment of that.”

The movie stars Bobby Brown, Dane Tudor, Banks Gilberti, Pep Fujas, Sean Pettit, Cam Riley and more and was shot at locations including British Columbia, France, Switzerland, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Montana and beyond.

A wide array of camera technologies were used during the filming of WE including the high-speed Phantom Flex for super slow-motion image capture, multiple RED Epic digital cameras were utilized for a variety of shooting locations and scenarios, and POV cameras were used to provide the viewer with the ultimate firsthand experience.

“WE gives the viewers the best insight yet on what it takes to make a ski movie. It reminds everyone that skiing is an individual sport, but if you want to create something bigger, you need others to help complete the task,” DeCesare said. “WE tells the story of struggle, coming together, risk, creating, and giving back.”

WE will be available on DVD, Blu-ray™ and iTunes beginning September 11th.